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Dog Brush | Got A Hose

Dog Brush | Got A Hose

PriceFrom €17.00

Got a Hose Dog Brush

We created the Got a Hose Dog Brush because Dogs don’t like to stand still when you wash them. Our brush allows you to hold your pet with 1 hand and wash, lather or rinse with your free hand!


Soft Rubber Dog Brush, spray gun with multi spray patterns and a 10m hose make is the perfect device for washing your pet. Soft rubber head allows for easy rinsing and lathering with 1 Hand.

Compact water spray gun that is packed with features including five spray patterns, making it perfect for watering and cleaning


Key Benefits Include:

  • Soft rubber wash head
  • Multi Spray Pattern Shower Head
  • Connects easily to the Got a Hose tap connector, allowing you to give your pet a warm wash.
  • 10 Hose


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